Efficient lengthwise or crosswise transport

Pallet gravity conveyors by AQS ensure constant availability

Today, logistics systems using gravity conveyors are a standard feature in any large warehouse, thanks to the relatively low procurement costs. Other good arguments in favour of pallet gravity conveyors include high storage density and swift, constant availability of the goods and products. Pallet gravity conveyors are increasingly used also for order picking, and in the supply of goods. 

Advantages of AQS pallet gravity conveyors at a glance:

  • Specially designed for either lengthwise or crosswise transport
  • High availability, fast turnover of goods
  • Highest possible constant braking performance of the spring-mounted brake rollers (regardless of the operating status and load)
  • Reliable operation at all times even with pallets of different weights in one and the same channel
  • Robust, torsion-resistant and resilient system construction
  • Loading, intermediate and unloading sections with full-width or divided gravity conveyors as required
  • Integration in all standard pallet racks


Crosswise transport

Pallets on gravity conveyors are mainly transported lengthwise. However, there are advantages to crosswise transport in some applications. For example, order picking straight from the pallet, with easier access to the products because of the lesser pallet depth. Or when products protrude beyond the end of the pallet in the longitudinal direction, thus preventing dynamic pressure on the product. When supplying narrow aisle warehouses, crosswise transport makes it easier to handle the pallets as they do not need to be turned before storage. 

Lengthwise transport

The lengthwise transport of pallets has proven its worth in warehousing systems used by many branches and business sectors. It saves space and permits safe, swift pallet handling in most applications. Crosswise transport offers advantages for special product dimensions.