A new dimension

For more than 20 years now, AQS Logistic Systems has become established on the market as a specialist manufacturer of excellent systems for highly efficient intralogistics. We offer tailor-made solutions also for demanding tasks in internal transportation of goods and products.

These include live storage racks and pallet gravity conveyors, as well as components and efficient system solutions for order picking systems - from AQS you receive products to give your flow of goods the right boost.

Your advantages

  • Automated order picking
  • Very long flow lines
  • Flexible container weights
  • Safe handling of sorter outfeeds
  • Separators for removal of goods without dynamic pressure

System provider on an equal footing

A provider needs to understand his customers in order to offer efficient products and perfect service. We are intimately aware of the needs of all the different branches and ensure that the facilities operated by our customers work faster, with greater efficiency and more economically. Our solutions therefore result in genuine competition advantages. And if the market hasn't found a solution for your requirements yet, then we'll invent it for you. All in line with our corporate philosophy: Our ideas drive your success!


Get to know our efficient XXL Gravity Conveyor

Are you trying to solve a problem and need expert advice? Do you need swift, professional service? Our engineers and technicians are at your service. We look forward to hearing from you!


Brake rollers for heavy and light weights

When it comes to gravity conveyors, AQS brake rollers are the safest and most economical way of controlling the speed of goods being conveyed. Our range extends from a hitherto unsurpassed 200 g unit weight to the special version for safe braking of loads up to 2,400 kg.

More about brake rollers