AQS- flow systems make life easier

Easy processing and sorting of empty containers

Initial situation:

Arrivals of empty drink crates from the supermarkets caused various different problems. Usually the crates arrive in the warehouse unsorted on Euro pallets. They then have to be sorted in a time-consuming process that ties up considerable staffing capacities. At the same time there is inadequate utilisation of the storage capacities during the process, nor is there any precise overview of stocks. The customer needed a system to overcome the existing problems.

Our solution:

In cooperation with the customer, AQS closely examined all major parameters for the delivery arrival and sorting process, such as crate dimensions and cycle times. By analysing the potential, we developed a system that we put through its paces in a trial phase in the AQS factory. The resulting information about dynamic pressure, angle of gradient and flow speed were integrated in the technical solution. The result: the chaos involved in sorting drink crates was brought to an end. Mono-product flow channels allowed for systematic sorting, with both manual and automatic loading and unloading of the fully buffered flow lines.