Troublefree unloading of semitrailers

Initial situation:

The existing powered conveyor system was prone to breakdowns with high maintenance and repair costs. This led to insufficient unloading capacities that were no longer capable of coping with the customer's logistics volumes. Availability of the goods could no longer be warranted. In close dialogue with the customer on site, a requirements profile was produced with all parameters. AQS then used the gathered information to analyse the potential and develop an individual solution.

Our solution:

In close dialogue with the customer, AQS produced a requirements profile with all stipulated parameters. Working with this information, AQS analysed the potential and developed an individual solution. The frequently defective conveyor system was replaced by an AQS gravity conveyor, permitting faster and more efficient unloading of semi-trailers with integrated conveying systems. The AQS gravity conveyor stands out with a possible capacity of 200 pallets per shift. The special design is suitable for 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets with a maximum weight of 1,350 kg. In this way, AQS sustainably improved system availability compared to the existing powered solution, now practically without great maintenance costs.