Improved intralogistics between production and assembly

Initial situation:

The customer needed a solution for economical interim storage of production line items for subsequent assembly. Consideration also had to be given to fluctuating container weights while warranting stacking capability.

Our solution:

AQS worked together with the customer to develop a supermarket solution that satisfies these special requirements. In this case, we set up a sample system in our own factory for detailed testing of all functionalities. The supermarket principle permits simple stacking of transport containers and simultaneous removal onto a waiting trolley. Metal and plastic parts with great fluctuations in weight are also handled easily thanks to the high braking force of the AQS brake rollers of 10 - 100 kg per stack per meter. The AQS solution gives the customer full control of actual material consumption at the point of supply, with shorter turnaround times, reduced product stocks and lower costs.