XXL gravity conveyors by AQS ensure constant availability

Today, logistics systems using gravity conveyors are a standard feature in any large warehouse, thanks to the relatively low procurement costs. Other good arguments in favour of XXL gravity conveyors include high storage density and swift, constant availability of the goods and products. XXL gravity conveyors are increasingly used also for order picking, and in the supply of goods. 

Advantages of XXL gravity conveyors at a glance:

  • Transport of foot plate Ø 55 mm
  • Steel frame transport (with point loading/runners)
  • Universal transport
  • Wide weight range 15 kg - 1.500 kg
  • Transport of stacked boxes and steel container


XXL gravity conveyor

XXL gravity conveyors ensure reliable and efficient transport of heavy load systems. Horizontal conveyor lines provide a wide work range from 15 kg to 3.000 kg. Steel frames (with point loading/runners) can easily be transported. Additionally, XXL gravity conveyors allow universal transport of various pallet types. Solid construction, 5-year guarantee and the Made in Germany label make our XXL gravity conveyor an essential system for every intralogistic warehouse.