Permanent time savings

Pushback Trolley Systems by AQS optimise the LIFO principle

The AQS Pushback Trolley System is a highly economical technical alternative to conventional conveyor systems. It is ideal particularly for pallets stored crosswise according to the LIFO principle. The Pushback Trolley System can be retrofitted easily to standard pallet racks/drive-in racks at any time, even in cold storage warehouses. Retrofitting to existing drive-in racks is of special interest as it dispenses with the time-consuming task of driving into the channels.

Advantages of the AQS Pushback Trolley System at a glance:

  • Robust design
  • Simple retrofitting, easy assembly
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy exchange of components
  • Mixed storage of pallets with different goods and skeleton boxes
  • Goods can protrude over the sides of the pallet
  • Complete support for the pallet runners
  • Pallets stand horizontally for easy handling
  • Maximum product safety
  • Colour coding as level indication
  • Steel rollers mounted in ball bearings for good running characteristics
  • Low track gradient (approx. 2.5%)
  • Load capacity: 25 kg to 1,400 kg