The fast experts: AQS optimisation and spare parts service

For a long, productive system life

Perfect service does not end when a system has been installed and commissioned. On the contrary, sustainable service is responsible for safeguarding the long-term success of a conveying system. At AQS, we keep a wide range of spare parts for our customers to ensure that their systems can continue operating immediately if the need arises. We are also at your side with our know-how and experience when it comes to optimising your existing conveyor system. Your advantage: we also offer all our services for third-party systems.

Installation and assembly

From initial planning via swift, safe component delivery through to installation, assembly and aftersales service, AQS provides you with all the steps involved in erecting and upgrading your system, all from a single source. Get us involved in your ideas and requests as soon as possible to that you can benefit from our know-how right from the start. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spare parts

Conveyor system components are often exposed to high physical loads in continuous service. If individual components have to be replaced in the course of a system's service life, AQS offers a wide range of top quality spare parts. We replace your rollers, dividers, profiles and conveyor rollers quickly, reliably and at low cost. Just give us a call and we'll be there at your side.


Older systems in particular will frequently no longer be state of the art in terms of performance and efficiency. A system upgrade is often the best option under these circumstances. Instead of replacing a system completely, it often makes more economic sense to replace certain system components with more efficient solutions. We can gladly send you our technicians and engineers to take a thorough look at your system. We will then work with you to analyse the available potential in order to provide specific advice before implementing the necessary upgrade measures. This also applies 100% to existing third-party systems.