Develop your potential with a flying start at AQS

The driving force for your career

At AQS Logistic Systems, success is based on a fresh wind and good ideas. In combination with the experience of a branch specialist, time and again we come up with solutions that make us stand out from the market and give us a unique role as developer. As a result, we have grown consistently throughout the last 20 years. We are therefore constantly searching for new employees who share our philosophy and who give free thinking and acting the same priorities that we do.

We are convinced that our products, solutions and services are so special because our employees are too. And so we do all we can to offer them a working environment that allows free scope for the development of their personalities, their ideas and their passions. We advocate lean hierarchies and short communication channels so that every good idea can be integrated swiftly and authentically exactly where it is needed: in the solutions for our customers.


We are sorry. Currently we do not have any vacancies.